The word Kasbah is often used to describe the old part of a town, in the area around the Gibraltar Strait and North Africa. It is widely used in Morocco, Algeria, Turkey and other parts of North Africa and the Middle East. The grand and beautiful architectural pearls in clay are synonymous with the rich and vibrant cultures of the Sahara dessert.

This collection is ripe with Moroccan style patterns, steppe, and savanna animals from all over the African continent, rich and earthen shades, and beautiful bohemian interpretations of the woodlands and fauna of the north African region.

The fabrics are a versatile mixture of natural materials such as viscose, linen, and cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative, as well as durable and long-lasting polyester fibres. See the specific fabric blends on the individual product sheets.

Almond Collection

Anthracite Collection

Emerald Collection

Glacier Collection

Ink&Navy Collection

Sage Collection

Shell Collection

Begonia Collection

Summit 2361-- (multiple colours)

Souk 2360-- (multiple colours)

Kasbah 2356-- (multiple colours)

Medoza 2358-- (multiple colours)

Bazaar 2353-- (multiple colours)

Indus 2355-- (multiple colours)

Ashiki 2352-- (multiple colours)

Boho 2354-- (multiple colours)

Prairie Animals 2359-- (multiple colours)

Marrakech 2357-- (multiple colours)

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